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That Dog Can Hunt Soap

That Dog Can Hunt Soap

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Long Rifle Soap Company all-natural dog soap is formulated to get dogs clean, leave their coats shiny, and make them smell a whole lot better. No more dirty dog! All essential oils used in our dog soaps are dog-safe. That Dog Can Hunt is a blend of cedarwood, pine, orange and patchouli essential oils. 

 Weighs 3.5 oz.

How to use: Just wet your dog down thoroughly. Rub bar all over dogs fur and set aside. Keep out of eyes. Use your fingers to lather up your pooch. Rinse well. Hide behind towel while dog shakes itself dry. 


Ingredients: water; coconut oil; castor oil; olive oil; locally-sourced tallow; sodium hydroxide; canola oil; sodium lactate; neem tree oil; cocoa butter; orange, pine, cedarwood and patchouli essential oils; French green clay

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