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Waxmaid Gentleman 2 in 1 Handpipe

Waxmaid Gentleman 2 in 1 Handpipe

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The Waxmaid Gentleman 2 in 1 Handpipe is crafted from platinum cured silicone material, ensuring its safety for culinary purposes. It surpasses the FDA approval standards, making it "food safe" and reliable.
This unique handpipe offers a 2 in 1 function, combining a hand pipe and a needle nectar collector. Whether you prefer wax or flowers, this pipe caters to all your smoking needs.
With its luxurious design and exquisite workmanship, it resembles a gentleman. Prepare yourself for a new and unforgettable smoking experience.
This handpipe is an excellent choice for stoners who enjoy smoking at any time, especially during trips.
Measuring at just 5.63 inches, this tiny piece is solid, durable, and versatile.
The use of silicone material instead of glass saves you time and energy when it comes to cleaning.
Please note that Waxmaid's original patent design sets it apart from any similar models on the market, as they are mere copies.
Included in the package are the Gentleman 2 in 1 Handpipe & Nectar Collector, a 22ml wax container, a titanium nail, and an Octopus Silicone Glass Jar.

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